Tuesday, March 11, 2014

skin gifts for March!

These four, I'll freely admit, fly in the face of my vague and as-yet-not-exactly-specified rule set. But, finding skins that have implant appliers on a budget is tricky. And nearly anything that can be made up can--with a little help from Mock and her lovely neutralizers, f'rinstance--be made down, so to speak. Or at least made matte. Or something.

Anyway, here we go.

Shock's Blake skin:

I really can't figure out if the swirling dots pattern under the eyes is on the skin, or part of the eyelashes used by the model. But considering this comes with three brow shades, two different cleavage styles, a modifiable shape, and appliers for Lolas Tangos? For a Linden, I'll take it. Sign me up.

*avd* has the Natalia skin:

This one includes the skin, the shape, the eyelashes and eyes as shown, plus appliers for Lolas Tangos, Lolas Mirage, and the Phat Azz, Brazilia and Ghetto Azz brands of mesh fundaments. For a Linden.

Distorted Dreams' Evil Clown skin fatpack:

There are good things and bad things about this one. Good things: it's a fatpack of skins; they all come with Lolas Tangos appliers; and they're only a Linden.

Bad thing: that face.

(red)Mint's D!va skin gift:

So...I found this too. I'm fairly sure that the skin's okay; it's just that splay-hipped, fish-lipped shape that's the problem. Actually, for a single Linden (red)Mint's throwing an incredible amount of goodies into this package:
  • the D!va skin itself in at least three, and maybe four shades (the fourth, the pink, may only be available in the store as a group gift)
  • light and dark eyebrow shapers (copy/mod)
  • tattoo layer hairbase
  • glove-layer manicure with included sculpted fingernail attachments
  • two different cleavage options (for a more 'natural' look, and also a 'push-up bra' look) on undershirt and tattoo layers
  • Lolas Tango appliers
  • Phat Azz applier
I've got this one coming to me, so I'll update you on how many skins this one actually contains.

But take a gander, see if any of them will work. I'll find more when I can!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

more random freebs

FLG--"Ficamos Lindas.Com Gifts"--has a "Valentine's Cupid" outfit for free on the Marketplace. I don't know how it's going to look on; I do know that it comes with wings, a little pink petal halo, and appliers for Lolas' Tangos. The mesh dress itself comes in four sizes, so should fit.

Ellette's offering a multi-implant bodysuit in a nubbed powder teal with a magenta detail stripe. Normally, I wouldn't toss up a bodysuit, but a) it's not that low-cut, and b) it just features so many different applier sets, it's worth it for that alone. And they're listing it for just a Linden! That's the hat trick for this CupCake.

Oh, and I don't know if I linked this over the holidays, but I found a holiday dress from Sharodie's Design, from last December, that has Lola's Tangos appliers, plus working with Mused and iBoobs:

It's a freebie, which she says is limited edition, so I'd nab it now if you haven't already, and save it until next winter.

This one...this one I'm not sure about. It's a full coverage top, that's absolutely true, but the way the hearts stretch over the cleavage...Anyway, it's a dollarbie from Vibe, so if you're still in the hearts-and-flowers mindset, sure, pick it up. See how it works for you.

Surprisingly, Frick is doing Lolas Tangos outfits now! And to celebrate that fact, here's her Venus Print dress, with appliers that work with Tangos as well as with Lush.

It's a partial-mesh design and a dollarbie on the Marketplace.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

random freebs from February 2014

D and G Fashions has two lace bodysuits that come with Lolas Tangos and Phat Azz appliers. One is in a reasonably decent pink:

and the other a racy red:

and they're both free on Marketplace.

Next, it's not my favorite style, but the print is decent, and it's fairly full coverage, so here's a tank top I tracked down, as well:

It's from Virtual Attire and it's another freebie. Pair it with a short skirt or a pair of jeans, it should work nicely.

Next up, also from Virtual Attire, the farthest thing from "Steampunk" I've ever seen--but it doesn't flash nip and, while it's a high-waist style, it's not a cropped-waist:

It's a dollarbie on Marketplace.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

trolling freebie groups? universally bad idea.

June?? My last post for this blog was JUNE?!?!?


Well, OBVIOUSLY I've been massively distracted...

In the meantime, from the Some People Just Don't Learn files...
[22:11] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: someone give me 1L
This came over a group whose main reason for existing is to give people free Lindens in exchange for time spent on parcels. Not even kidding, I'm in two groups that exist for this purpose (well, and to sell the scripted bits that people pick up to folks that own land, to be fair).

So asking for Lindens in a group that devotes itself to giving them away on merchant parcels...that's beyond ridiculous. Check the back notices! You'll find ten places to go haunt just in the past hour alone!
[22:11] Emilly Orr: Go away.
[22:11] Yxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: ok
[22:11] Rxxxxxx Rxxx: grab a free pole and get your own
[22:11] Dxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Go to linden realms if you're desperate.
To be fair, only Premium SL users can access Linden Realms, I thought, but the sentiment is still there--don't ask in this group, go find Lindens elsewhere! Why ask in this group?!
[22:11] Dxxxx (dxxx Sxxxx): i can give you a warning or a fishing pole
[22:11] Dxxxx (dxxx Sxxxx): which would yu prefer
I did adore this response.
[22:11] Gxxxx Hxxxx: [[Group moderator issues a warning for Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx]]
[22:12] Gxxxx Hxxxx: Kxxxx we do not beg
Well, you'd think not, and yet, at least once a month, someone clueless wanders in...
[22:12] Bxxxx Kxxxx: theres at least 3L worth of coins at [[location deleted]] business park at any time
[22:12] Rxxxxxx Rxxx: heheh... the diff between human and bot... Dxxxx asks nice... the bot slaps your teeth out LOL
Pretty much, but still, it was another practical reminder.
[22:12] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: someone told me i need linden to buy rod
Obviously, this person lied to you, [Kxxxx]. But we move on.
[22:13] Daisy (dayz.short): i will send yu a free rod
[22:13] Emilly Orr: Oh, sometimes [Dxxxx] goes off on someone, but generally they have to push.
Keep this in mind.
[22:13] Dxxxx (dxxx Sxxxx): one moment
Now, keep this in mind too. [Dxxxx], a moderator of the chat, and on staff of this group and its holdings, had offered to send [Kxxxx] a fishing rod. Granted, they can be had for free practically anywhere, but that doesn't matter; if [Kxxxx] had just waited sixty seconds, everything that is about to happen would not have happened, at all. It's baffling.
[22:13] Bxxxx Kxxxx: Your Earnings: 50.964275 L$ (+0.736575)
RANK BONUS: (+0.0021)
[22:13] Bxxxx Kxxxx: tahts just 2 fishing holes today
I should note, there were a couple of places today that had five to nine times the standard rewards. That adds up. Also, the higher ranking one has in the group--as in, the number of "XP" points one has through both fishing and coin-hunting--increases the amount of fractions of a Linden one gets with each fish caught or coin collected.

So, while that's not the usual someone can get, on average, for any two random fishing holes, it can be done. (Plus, [Bxxxx] may not have cashed out for a while, in all fairness. We don't know as she didn't say.)
[22:14] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: give me 100L someone
[22:15] Dxxxx (dxxxx Sxxxx): sigh
[22:15] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: O.o
And then this happened. What in the hell? SIX. MINUTES. Long enough a time for [Kxxxx] to receive the fishing rod from [Dxxxx]]--assuming she wanted it, hadn't denied it, and wasn't just trolling us all in the meantime.
[22:15] Emilly Orr: Welcome to the mute list, [Kxxxx].
[22:15] Rxxxxxx Rxxx: bye [Kxxxx]
[22:15] Dx Dxxxxxxxxxx (dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): oh lordi
(I'm sorry! I had to! She misspelled the word!)
[22:15] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: huh
[22:15] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why
[22:15] Dxxxx (dxxxx Sxxxx): thats 2
[22:15] Bxxxx Kxxxx: stop begging
Still following along? It's been seven minutes now. And the very next line:
[22:15] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: free sex for 10L
Ohhhh, so she's just a special level of Resident, got it. Cue mass group eyerolling.
[22:15] Rxxxxxx Rxxx: some people don't pay attention
[22:15] Uxxxxx Nxxxxx: lol
[22:15] Bxxxx Kxxxx: stop trolling too
[22:16] Dxxxx (dxxx Sxxxx): facepaws
[22:16] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: O.o
[22:16] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxxx: That's not what i call free
[22:16] Dx Dxxxxxxxxxx (dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): good bye [Kxxxx] lol
[22:16] Emilly Orr: Wau, three for three before I even had a chance to mute her.
And it's true. I had opened her profile--no bio, no FL info, no picks, no payment info on file, and born February 15th, 2014 (in other words, TODAY)--but I hadn't gotten around to actually clicking the mute button yet. All of this had happened just that fast.
[22:16] Rxxxxxx Rxxx: just gotta pound em into the ground ta get em to be nice
[22:16] Emilly Orr: I do believe she is bounced!
[22:16] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[22:16] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my butt bounce sometime
[22:16] Rxxxxxx Rxxx: heheh... your butt hasn't been booted by [Haxxxx] yet ;D
As yet, we hadn't heard anything, which was odd, but also, we'd all decided [Kxxxx] was the basest of trolls. I'm still trying to figure out why, though.
[22:17] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: detaching fish hud
Seriously? Now she detaches her fishing HUD? Which means she had been fishing these few minutes? Which would have given her that L$1--possibly even that L$10, depending on the fishing area she chose--if she'd gone to the main ATM for the game and cashed out!

Is she mentally challenged?? Does she not understand her problem might have already been solved by this point?? Unless her point was just to troll the group for...whatever reason...
[22:17] Rxxxxxx Rxxx: 40k players... don't let the door.... have fun begging elsewhere
[22:17] Uxxxxxx Nxxxxx: just kick the clown already
[22:18] Emilly Orr: Seriously. She's rude and she doesn't learn.
And I said that because I'd messaged her privately...
[22:16] Emilly Orr: You're an idiot.
Yes, that was not a civil opening. I acknowledge that.
[22:17] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: fuck you
Which was her less than civil reply. I figured, okay, asked and answered--sort of--but no, I had to say something else:
[22:20] Emilly Orr: No, seriously, what was hard about 'don't beg in this group'?
[22:20] Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx: fuck off
And with that, I was done. She wasn't even diverting to talk to, and I didn't understand why this little mini-controversy had started in the first place. I defaulted to "yep, she's just an idiot" and went back to watching the group chat.
[22:18] Dxxxx (dxxx Sxxxx): smiles
[22:19] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sigh
[22:19] Dxxxx (dxxx Sxxxx): passes the popcorn to [Txxxx]
[22:21] Emilly Orr: Ooh, and she's VERY rude in private chat. On t'other hand--and the ONLY scrap of defense I'm allowing--she WAS only decanted today.
[22:22] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry yall [Hxxxx] seems to be a bit hungover ..... working on a few workarounds :DD
For those who don't know (which is likely most readers) this particular group runs an open bot for chat moderation. Any upper staffer has the codes to run the bot; a few have the ability to fix it when it breaks. It's reasonably reliable, and has a pretty clear list of words and phrases to which it responds, and issues warnings or actually bounces and bans, depending on level of infraction. It's not the worst system, and I actually admire the transparency involved.
[22:22] ćőŕptéddý áŕáwń (cxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): Lol
Did I mention I hate Unicode use in names?
[22:22] ćőŕptéddý áŕáwń (cxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): :)
[22:24] Rxxxxxx Rxxx slips [Hxxxx] another can of HD20/50 and whispers: 'hungover? got ya covered... don't worry 'bout [Txxxx] ;)'
[22:25] Gxxxx Hxxxx: [[Group moderator issues a warning for Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx]]
[22:26] Gxxxx Hxxxx: [[Kxxxx Rxxxxxxx has been ejected and banned by the group moderator]]
[22:26] Emilly Orr: Wait, she was still here?
[22:26] αηđяεω (axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): chat lag
[22:26] Emilly Orr: ah
[22:26] Gxxxx Hxxxx: We do not say F-bombs towards Game Masters or players in IMs.
[22:26] Dxxxx (dxxx Sxxxx): technical difficulties ...sorted
[22:27] Emilly Orr: Harvy, she cursed at a GM? Wau.
Total time, even adding in the lag factor: fifteen minutes. FIFTEEN minutes. Honestly, in ISC chat from time to time, it's taken that long just to extend an opening greeting and hearing back from folks, and Caledon doesn't have over forty thousand members in the group!!

Okay, more to come, though expect a ton of picture posts as I sort through things.

Friday, June 7, 2013

random freebs for the first part of June

(from the Topping Out album)
Leap of Faith's "Mother's Day" gift; just the blouse, but on all system layers, as well as being packaged with Lolas' Tango appliers. L$1. Get it here.

(from the Topping Out album)

AEZZO's scarlet simple top, jacket and shirt layers only, Tango appliers. L$10. Get it here.

(from the Topping Out album)

Logo top from Momma's Style; comes on all layers (including underwear, if you don't want to wear the jacket layer) with Lolas Tango appliers. Granted, this one does have the logo emblazoned across the belly, obviously, but that potentially could be covered with a wide corset belt, if you're not into advertising for the store. L$10. Get it here.

I'll look for more later!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

new busty designs? maybe!

[16:14] Bxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you know what we need, more tango gowns
[16:14] Rღxxy (rxxxx Txxxxx): no we need more maternity clothes for tango
[16:15] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ (pxx Fxxxxxx): no we need some hot outfits
[16:15] rxxxx Zxxx: I agree with Roxxy ... need more maternity clothes
[16:15] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ (pxx Fxxxxxx): OMG
[16:15] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: chuckles about maternity clothes.
[16:15] 彡 Lula (lxxx Lxx): no we need silks and gorean type medieval clothing
[16:15] Mxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: big boobs and belly :)
[16:15] Kxxxx Pxxxxx: we need more of everything!! >.>

Yeah, more or less, this is what I expected, but then...

[16:15] Zxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: Generally speaking we need more non-slutty clothes. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes I embrace my inner bimbo, too. But its hard to find clothes for prim breasts that aren't dripping cleavage or have a nipple peeking out.

Cue wide eyes and wait a beat, then cue chair-dancing. Because any voice in this community that's not asking for underboob mini-dresses, or torn nipple-revealing fetish shirts, and jeans worn around the knees...YES, was what I was saying on the other side of the screen. A LOT.

[16:16] Zxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: I'd also like more clothes in a more verity of colors. Its really really hard to find clothes that are brown or navy. Neons and a pastels seem to dominate prim clothiers.

Dark colors, non-pastels, more non-slutty clothes...yes, I'm going glacially on making of things, but yes! This is the direction I'm going! Yay!

Exactly what I needed to hear.

Off to plot plain brown gowns for the busty!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

random freebs/cheaps discovered due to boredom (pt. II)

Mostly this is the result of running several random search terms through the Marketplace. It's a hit-or-miss process. There are also more freebies and dollarbies (and cheapies on several different sale days; I should run down how many at some point) available in world at the stores themselves.

But in the meantime, here's the rest of what I found, for now.

(from the Topping Out album)
Blue Firelyte's "Carnival Stripe" bandage top; comes on all system layers, as well as being packaged with Lolas' Tango appliers. (There's also a Carnival Stripe tee for the same price, also with appliers.) L$1

(from the Topping Out album)
Rising Moon's innovative counter-offer to matching outfits with appliers: a heathered teal and slate blue mesh dress with a built-in busty look. L$1

(from the Topping Out album)
Toxic Candy's blue dot tied top; can be worn with or without the enclosed appliers for Lolas' Tango and Puffy implants. L$1

Understand, I'm also going by very particular (and damn picky!) categories, here:

  • Does it make me uncomfortable to wear alone? 
  • Does it make me uncomfortable to wear around others? 
  • Could I go shopping in it (at least to non-Caledonian zones)? 
  • Does it make me look like I charge by the hour? 

Let me go on record and say there are both women who don't have the modesty hang-ups I'm working on reinforcing in world, and who charge by the hour, and that both are fine. But for me, I want to look reasonably well-covered when I leave the house. I can handle flirty; what I can't handle is completely unclothed save for genitalia, basically. Or insanely sheer outfits that might as well be walking around nude, anyway. (I did some of that back in my escorting days, mostly because I was too young to know better. I'm not saying I didn't adore some of my sheer outfits, but at this point, I've moved on.)

Both of those are well-made, by the way; in fact, most of Hart's offerings are well-textured, well-designed (for what they are), and pretty reasonably priced. (And even the high-priced items are well-made enough that, were I to need some expensive bit of fetishy froth, I'd be overjoyed to have them. (Though in all honesty, if I'm going to pay high prices for fetish gear...Graves, hands down.)

My point is, there are other freebies out there, I'm just listing the ones that I might, personally, wear and see if I like, or can adapt around an existing outfit.