Friday, January 9, 2015

failure pants

These are not pants. I don't know what they are, exactly, but they are not pants.

They aren't even failure pants, though they do fail on a lot of levels. Try again.

(Note: Failure pants mentioned are not actual failure pants, but instead Not-Pants. That is all.)

Monday, July 21, 2014

weirdness at Hair Fair, part the second

Later that same night...

(from the bizarre album, because this is a perfect outfit for Mainland)


(from the bizarre album)

I should mention that this year, the sims donated by the Lindens are not only repurposed Linden land, but actually on Mainland. Which means PG. Does this look like a PG outfit to you?!?

She's wearing panties, straps, piercings, a chin-cupping posture collar, one stocking, and arm bracers. Oh, and stiletto boots. And pasties, because...y'know, PG rating.

(from the bizarre album; the keyring piercing)

And apparently, at some point she decided actually carrying a keyring wasn't cool anymore, so she pierced her thigh with a heavy-gauge ring to hold another heavy-gauge ring for her keys. does she unlock things, then? Does her master have to physically pick her up and poke her at doors? Is this a fetish for her?

(from the bizarre album. And yep, still a perfect outfit for Mainland)

I wholly forgot about the shoulder chains, which appear to be also pierced into her. The hell, chicklet. Do you not understand what "PG" means??

*shakes head and goes back to Hair Fair blogging*

Sunday, July 20, 2014

weirdness on the grid, part the first

So, finally went through Hair Fair, and...

(from the bizarre album) my brain hurts.

(from the bizarre album)

Don't misunderstand me--I am not saying she's unattractive. While she does seem to be going for pontoon hips and the pouty mouth, it is at least an attractive pouty mouth, not the flat-line fish-lips we're seeing over and over. And at least above the waist, she's proportional, but...

...frankly, dat ass.

(from the bizarre album)

And maybe the skirt. I know, rasta pride, I get it, but seriously, don't buy from people whose idea of high fashion is Bob Marley's face on your crotch.

Also, spandex is a privilege, not a right.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jelly goes patriotic!

Quick little entry today, just one item, for Jelly's Canadian and American flag tops. They come with Lolas Tango appliers and they're mesh, in two different sizing sets. Coolness, yeah?

(from the Tangos album)

At least, I think so. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

why does this even


Why does this even EXIST?!?

No one's been able to explain this to me yet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

skin gifts for March!

These four, I'll freely admit, fly in the face of my vague and as-yet-not-exactly-specified rule set. But, finding skins that have implant appliers on a budget is tricky. And nearly anything that can be made up can--with a little help from Mock and her lovely neutralizers, f'rinstance--be made down, so to speak. Or at least made matte. Or something.

Anyway, here we go.

Shock's Blake skin:

I really can't figure out if the swirling dots pattern under the eyes is on the skin, or part of the eyelashes used by the model. But considering this comes with three brow shades, two different cleavage styles, a modifiable shape, and appliers for Lolas Tangos? For a Linden, I'll take it. Sign me up.

*avd* has the Natalia skin:

This one includes the skin, the shape, the eyelashes and eyes as shown, plus appliers for Lolas Tangos, Lolas Mirage, and the Phat Azz, Brazilia and Ghetto Azz brands of mesh fundaments. For a Linden.

Distorted Dreams' Evil Clown skin fatpack:

There are good things and bad things about this one. Good things: it's a fatpack of skins; they all come with Lolas Tangos appliers; and they're only a Linden.

Bad thing: that face.

(red)Mint's D!va skin gift:

So...I found this too. I'm fairly sure that the skin's okay; it's just that splay-hipped, fish-lipped shape that's the problem. Actually, for a single Linden (red)Mint's throwing an incredible amount of goodies into this package:
  • the D!va skin itself in at least three, and maybe four shades (the fourth, the pink, may only be available in the store as a group gift)
  • light and dark eyebrow shapers (copy/mod)
  • tattoo layer hairbase
  • glove-layer manicure with included sculpted fingernail attachments
  • two different cleavage options (for a more 'natural' look, and also a 'push-up bra' look) on undershirt and tattoo layers
  • Lolas Tango appliers
  • Phat Azz applier
I've got this one coming to me, so I'll update you on how many skins this one actually contains.

But take a gander, see if any of them will work. I'll find more when I can!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

more random freebs

FLG--"Ficamos Lindas.Com Gifts"--has a "Valentine's Cupid" outfit for free on the Marketplace. I don't know how it's going to look on; I do know that it comes with wings, a little pink petal halo, and appliers for Lolas' Tangos. The mesh dress itself comes in four sizes, so should fit.

Ellette's offering a multi-implant bodysuit in a nubbed powder teal with a magenta detail stripe. Normally, I wouldn't toss up a bodysuit, but a) it's not that low-cut, and b) it just features so many different applier sets, it's worth it for that alone. And they're listing it for just a Linden! That's the hat trick for this CupCake.

Oh, and I don't know if I linked this over the holidays, but I found a holiday dress from Sharodie's Design, from last December, that has Lola's Tangos appliers, plus working with Mused and iBoobs:

It's a freebie, which she says is limited edition, so I'd nab it now if you haven't already, and save it until next winter.

This one...this one I'm not sure about. It's a full coverage top, that's absolutely true, but the way the hearts stretch over the cleavage...Anyway, it's a dollarbie from Vibe, so if you're still in the hearts-and-flowers mindset, sure, pick it up. See how it works for you.

Surprisingly, Frick is doing Lolas Tangos outfits now! And to celebrate that fact, here's her Venus Print dress, with appliers that work with Tangos as well as with Lush.

It's a partial-mesh design and a dollarbie on the Marketplace.