Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PS Designs? Design fail

I had two demos from PS Designs, I can't even remember where I picked them up, and they're just...not...They're really, really bad.

I'm not even doing pictures for the first one, they're that much fail. No scripts, no tinting, no appliers, no layers, no nipple jewelry and worst of all? No landmark or notecard. They're an unnatural shape, even for implants, and they're simply unattractive all the way 'round. I don't know how much they cost, where to go to get more information...start to finish, just not there.

(from the Topping Out album)

They had another variety, the "Naturals". You get one, slightly edited version, with this repeated description: "No scripts, no tinting, no appliers, no layers, no nipple jewelry and worst of all? No landmark or notecard."

Plus, when a friend watched me put this second pair on? The first word that came to mind from them was "Torpedoes". Sure, I know there are busty women from cartoons, and early Playboy magazines, which have the low-slung,"torpedo"-style breasts, Just not interested.

I'll write a new update if I figure out where PS Designs is, but right now, based on these Total fail, start to finish.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bessie got an update

New Beta Update! - The moment you've been waiting for. The latest Milk Made beta pack is in your inventory! Stats are starting new. Old beta items will stop working within a day or so. Also, you can now hold 20mg of calcium with a decrease of 1mg per day. Additional information has been added to the manuals. Please start filling tickets immediately!

So, of course, I rushed into world to unpack the new pack and see what had changed. Only to find out that nothing had, because the network was down and had frozen everything waiting for an update.

Oh, bad scripting, people, no cookies for you.

In other news, another blogger took on the Busty Valentine hunt; and I'm a little confused. Part of what sent me down this bouncing path is that I wanted to see what the clothing looked like with implants.

Apparently she didn't even bother. I don't think that's an improvement, but to be fair, had I seen her pics, and not mine, I'd likely have thought more than six items or so were worth keeping from the hunt.

VStrings demo run (part 2 of 2, b)

We're starting with two pics of the "Hard latex" top because it's that dysfunctional.

(from the Topping Out album)

This may just be a sizing issue, but on the XLs, outside of a weird nipple "holiday" on one side, and that almost-angular not-curve on the other, the highlights were okay. But on the XXLs? What was "okay" on the smaller size becomes eye-poppingly obvious. The larger these implants get, the more fake they look--and I don't mean the breasts themselves, I mean the highlights on the latex. It starts to look less and less like "highlights" and more like "why am I covered in streaks of white paint?"

(from the Topping Out album)

See what I mean? They're just streaks now, not hints of light over the black latex. They look obviously painted on, and in no good way. It's not pleasant.

I mean, look, latex is hard. We all know that. And there's good latex and bad latex on the grid, we know that too. But even so. At the very least, these highlights need to be seriously looked at, in the ways that they're stretching over very large implants. Because trust me, that will improve the way the highlights look on the smaller implants, too.

(from the Topping Out album)

The V-cut tee, which looks alarmingly like the tube top on breasts this big; also, it rather looks as if I'm trying to smuggle casaba melons under the skin of someone else's chest. Just creepy all the way around.

(from the Topping Out album)

The pasties. The less said about this one, I believe, the better.

(from the Topping Out album)

The cropped top, which is--I mean, seriously, are you kidding me? There is no way this would work. Even in SL I find this inordinately hard to believe. Not only that but even the safest, most angled shot I could think to photograph--yep, them's the nipples showing.

I realize SL is having a resurgence of the Great Age of Slutwear, believe me, I'm not blind to that--but honestly, there is a difference, ladies, between trashy (the kind that comes with bottle-blond hair and a coin slot above her ass) and slutty. I have some slutwear pieces, and yes, I've even worn them. But a crop top for boobs this big? What, are you renting by the minute?

I believe I can safely delete those demos from my inventory, and never look back. Good gods.

Now, in completely separate news--someone's put out an anime-ish mesh avatar for the busty set. But, as the link came to me via friend, not via blog, I have no idea who made this particular avatar.

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone at all?

what the--I'm DRESSED, you nimrod! get your pinchy fingers out of there!

[00:46] :: bxxxxxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx unconsciously wets their lips as they take in the delicious sight of Emilly Orr's lovely breasts, imagining the wicked ways they might find to keep Her nipples pleasured.
[00:47] Emilly Orr looks over, smiling wryly. "Now, now."
[00:47] :: bxxxxxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx trails their fingertips teasingly over the beautiful curves of Emilly Orr's breasts for an almost agonizingly long moment before finding Her nipples and giving them a slow, deliberately erotic pinch.

Whatever happened to goddamn roleplay?

I'm far from a blushing virgin, and yes, thank you, it is my own responsibility to manage my breast emotes the way I want to. Frankly, I think I deserve at least a partial pass because for the past two weeks, I've been switching between two purchased pairs, one beta-testing pair, and several demos.

However the case may be, however, I still think it's unconscionably rude to just pinch someone's nipples without even saying "hi r u hot", or something. (Sure, I'd prefer "Greetings, gentle lady", but hey, I'll take what I can get. It's a debased world.)

Also, I'm sure it was just sim lag where I was at the time, but my line in this? My only line to him? Was typed out as I changed the settings to prevent him from doing what he did the very next line.

So, okay, sure. Hit me with all of them. I was asking for it. I was dressed for it. You don't want that kind of attention, don't wear prim breasts. You don't want those emotes going off, shut 'em off. It's only a game. If you're that bothered by it, just log off.

Yeah, you know what? I did. I ported home, changed into a fairly sexless bunny, threw away my plans for more beta-testing, and am now grumping at the keys, trying to figure out why I'm upset.

(No, don't answer that, I know why. I wanted to be talked to first. And as it happens, yes, I've been groped in public, RL, on more than one occasion--so I'm not crying, I'm not enraged, I'm not throwing things--but it bothered me then, and it bothers me now. What happened to striking up a conversation? What happened to even just saying hello? Are all the gentle courtesies gone, replaced with brash silence and small violations?)

And do other women who wear prim breasts more often than I'm starting to just shrug and giggle at these things? Because, honestly, had he not been carrying two torches (and hey, that's another thing--how the hell did he pinch my nipples carrying two goddamn torches?), I might have honestly slapped him.

What a jerk.

Monday, February 27, 2012

VStrings demo run (part 2 of 2, a)

Now here's the XXL VStrings demos, as opposed to last post's XL versions.

(from the Topping Out album)

AAAAAAAAAAH! Oh, wait, I clicked the wrong button. Okay, reminder to self: never double-click anything when putting on breast demos. Got it.

(from the Topping Out album)

Still on the insanely huge size. (I'm serious, this IS the smaller size. Scary, aren't they?)

(from the Topping Out album)

This is their "plain bra" option (they also have a lace version which is more sheer).

(from the Topping Out album)

Their "tube top", from the side. I move even a little these babies are going to pop right out, I swear.

(from the Topping Out album)

This is the "Soft latex" option, which I shot slightly from overhead, just to give you an idea of how huge the XXLs really are (if you hadn't already done the math). Keep in mind, I'm not a tall av, I generally clock in about 5'3" to 5'8" at the tallest, and this particular shape (though it needs more work) is a comfortable 5'6".

More on the next entry--sadly, I'd already published the first run, so I have to go with part II of the VStrings demo run having two parts.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the perils of milking (Bessie's adventures, III)

While I'm sorting through pictures of the last two demo runs, thought I'd catch up with some developments on the Milk Made breasts.

Right now, they're still on the twitchy side--I've gotten enough calcium, wait, I dipped low, I'll take a Vitamin D pill; okay, have enough calcium, wait, my breasts don't have enough milk to pump yet, I'll take a hormone shot; now I'm ready to pump, but oh wait, being called out for dinner with the ladies I live with, so by the time I get to log back in, I'll likely be hypocalcemic again and won't be able to pump at all for a few minutes.

Hypocalcemia's actually a real thing, I looked it up. I have no idea if "milking girls" would suffer from it, but hey, as we don't really have those at present, I have no clue who I'd even ask. Though apparently it does exist, and is likely growing in (RL) popularity.

Okay. So how am I doing, aside from all the careful balancing? My 'stats' the last time I logged off:

[18:08] Milk Made Breasts 0.907:
=Consumption Stats=
Date joined: 2012-02-20
Current level: 1
Calcium level: 20
Lifetime milk drank: 5.25L
Milk drank today: 2

Why did I drink two whole liters today? Because I was low in calcium. That, and the Vitamin D pills, are the fastest way to get calcium back in the system, though Ms. Nakamura is working on a more varied calcination system.

Also, I recently discovered (purely by chance) that the "milking strap" (the strap that holds the back pump on) and the breasts are on the same attachment point. This is what Ms. Nakamura said:
[A]t this time we have the milker strap, the tank strap, and the strings, all attached to the same point of the breasts. to wear all 3 at the same time you would need to wear them by choosing "add to outfit".
Which is good to know, because I don't, by default, consider "add to outfit" before anything else--mainly, because most of the TPV clients I've used haven't had "add to outfit" as an option.

I'm going to figure out how easy the pump strap is to remap tonight, because while I could just select "add", honestly, I'd rather have them on independent points, so I don't detach by accident again.

VStrings demo run (part 1 of 2)

Did I cover the VStrings demos yet?

If not, here goes. I started with the XLs, and what is below is one of the most carefully angled shots I've ever done in my life. But I have to set it up. There are "Milk" options on the Vstrings. While I'm sure there are greater interactive options in the full versions, in the demos you have three: "Ooze", "Spray", and "Gush". The "Ooze" setting could be comfortably described as a slow drip. The "Spray" was...well, at least on the demos, I pretty much had sparklers attached to my implants. Showy, but ultimately ineffective.

And the "Gush"...was this:

(from the Topping Out album)

So...yeah. This isn't the best picture, but the first word that came to mind was "sprinklers". As in "I have sprinklers attached to my nipples." It's completely bizarre and I don't get why that would happen to any woman who hasn't clamped her breasts into a vise.

Unrealistic? Sure, but then, so's the shape of the implants themselves. Then, there were the clothing layer options.

(from the Topping Out album)

This is the "Soft latex" top option. Fairly decent highlights, though it looks more grey than true black. How'ver, as this is a limited-option demo, that may be what it is; I do know it's the only option for "Soft" over "Hard" latex.

Topping Out album)

And this is the first shot from the "Hard latex" top selection. The reason I'm doing two shots is because I really wanted to show both sides of the latex highlights, which, frankly, are on the awful side. In this shot, it's not so bad, but in the next one...

(from the Topping Out album)'s much, much worse. Sadly, it's not the highlighting that's that much of a problem, either--it's how the highlighting stretches over the sculpts underneath. See that rather sharply defined angle on the inside curve of the right implant? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.

That, and the inexplicable highlight around what should be a protruding left nipple. The hell, designers. What are you thinking with that?

(We'll return to this topic when I hit the XXL demos.)

(from the Topping Out album)

So, now we come to the inherent clothing layers. First problem with this demo: none of the base-layer clothing is included. That's not an absolute deal-breaker for me, but problem two might be: there are no tinting options, no skin options, no HUDs included either. So what you see here--this sort of, oddly putty-colored skin of the implants? Yeah. It won't ever get better, because on the demos, you can't change it.

Now, were this worn with the appropriate clothing base layer, this would be a V-cut tank top. (Oh, right--you also can't tint the clothing layers; in the demo they're all just white save for the latex and the pasties.) As it is, and in the glaring white-over-putty paste skin tone, it's not bad, actually. I do wish I'd been able to see the straps on the base layer, though, to see if they met up with the implant straps.

(from the Topping Out album)

And this is the...crop top option, very, very carefully shot. Trust me--any lower reveals nips. (And on this implant set, you don't want to see them.)

(from the Topping Out album)

And the--ergh--pasties. Not only are they badly highlighted strips of latex tape, but they are badly highlighted strips of latex tape with a white outline. Dear gods, these need to be redone.

(from the Topping Out album)

Finally, the branded "Verotic" VStrings logo tee. This would probably be a lot better with the base clothing layer to test it with, too.

The notecard with these tells me that full interactions, tinting, appliers, and skin gradient HUDs come with a purchase of the implants, but as they stand, I can't tint them, I can't color the clothing layers, I can't pick out the skin tone; so what you see is what I saw too.

And what I saw wasn't that impressive.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

photo post 4 (of 4): the last from Damned Bay

So, remember the shot in the prim fog, earlier this evening? Right, so keep in mind, I hadn't moved:

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Well, I hadn't moved my location; I did change my pose, just a little. And though there's still clipping across the fingers, the other hand extended lends the visual concept that all fingers on both hands are present and visible in the shot. Even better, this proved fairly easy to edit (note the lack of presence of flexi hair sticking into my cleavage).

By the way, I haven't done my usual detailing of what I'm wearing; beyond saying that they're specifically eBoobs implants, everything else I have on is old, or can't be seen (the freebie Rris tail, for instance, or the faun legs I'm wearing below the Nomine skirt from Titania's Court), or isn't made anymore (the hair, the eyes, the skin). This particular avatar, start to finish, can't really be reproduced, so I skipped it.)

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Here's a closer look at the hair clipping: perfectly useable shot, I thought at the time, were it not for the flexi bits showing through my cleavage. Of course, then--afterwards--I took a closer look, and thought the hedge wall/dead tree wall behind me, and thought, with true regret, that even pulling this one into Gimp wouldn't change the fact that those dead limbs are just positioned too closely, and in far too mathematical a fashion.

Sometimes it's not the flaws in the shot; sometimes it's the flaws in the world. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

And this is the same shot, camera rotated slightly to the right, obscuring the bank of precisely spaced trees, and with very minimal editing around the cleavage. There's still clipping, but what I can't see, I can freely ignore, for the most part. (Though I really need a better tail; I think the days of the torus-built bow are over.)

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Finally, the one I decided--after thirty-nine shots in all, very few of which I uploaded--could be pulled into world as my new profile. At least until I manage to find work or find another source of Lindens.

And for all of that? There's still hair clipping into the cleavage, and worst of all, perhaps the cruelest thing to learn--is that with prim breasts, picture width matters very much--not so much for the first life picture, or for standard 512x512 or 1024x1024 texture uploads.

But for the more-or-less 4x3 take on the initial profile pic? I am going to have to remember to keep the height fixed at a certain percentage, but allow for greater width to each side, before I resize it to a standard 512. Suddenly, the addition of prim breasts mean I have to do math to take pictures now! Or at least, import them into world.

I'm not Barbie--no matter how inflated my chest may or may not get. But yeah, sometimes I just want to take a picture, crop it, and go. I don't want to have to go through forty, sixty shots, find one that's maybe useable, edit it, crop it properly, resize it to exact specifications (and I don't even know what those are, yet) and then upload it into world.

At this rate, I'm going to take far less pictures, I think. It's starting to feel like more stressful challenge, than pleasant pastime.

photo post 3 (of 4): shooting in Damned Bay

From Rackingham State Hospital I moved to the Damned Bay in Quezon. I didn't fully explore it--to be honest, I shot these late at night, both in roleplay sims, and I was just there for pictures, not interaction. But Damned Bay has its own beauty, more palustrine than uliginose, and lacking in actual swamp sounds; bird calls, the soft washing of muddy water, insect hums and slithering things. Still, for a chance-found location, I was pleased by it.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

About the only real problem in Damned Bay, pictorially speaking, is there's a fair bit of repetition in the non-prim trees. This isn't completely jarring, but it did mean I had to shoot from very specific points on the map. Many of the structures I would have adored capturing faced those clusters of mathematically placed growth.

However, we come to the next problem, a sub-group of clipping: dealing with prim hair. I can tell I'm going to develop a newfound respect for updos at this rate, because while I can edit much out in Gimp, to my eye it's going to look edited, because let's be honest here, I'm not that good.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

I'm not even sure why this bothers me so badly; I've dealt with flexi hair issues for five years, why is this even a problem? The only thing I can think of is that with flexi hair--with even solid sculpted hair--there's always another pose I can use, a better angle, to get the shot I want. With prim breasts and prim hair, there is always going to be clipping. So I have to start thinking of updos, or short hair, or hair that's long, but held off my neck. This brings a whole new set of problems in picture-taking.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Another pose, another shot of the clipping issue. Which is really sad; I liked this pose, I liked the look of the Bay over my shoulder; I wanted this one to work out. But while I can edit things, for most of my photo runs, I want to leave them as untouched as possible. (It's a thing.) With prim hair clipping through prim breasts, this is just not possible.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

And here's the third problem with clipping; while I can always change my pose so my hands won't go through my hips, when I have prim hair clipping, hand clipping, and prim fog occasionally slicing through my hips--man, that's just too much going wrong for anyone to handle.

photo post 2 (of 4): more shots from Rackingham State Hospital's cemetary

Back for round two; still in Rackingham, but I moved a few feet to the left.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Oh look! More clipping! Which brings me to the next issue, and one of the more expensive ones, unfortunately: poses. Obviously, most poses won't work with prim breasts, but even more daunting, so far, I've only found one AO specifically for the bustier set, and they want nearly three thousand Lindens for it. (There is a lighter version, with fewer animations, but honestly, that one's priced on the high side, too.)

I'm seriously tempted to drop a line to Ruy Bury and see if Creative Insanity can come up with an AO set. Because there needs to be more than just those two, highly overpriced, animation packs on the market. Stat.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

A shot from the other side; this particular pose also clips on the right side. Damn it! And this is the AO I've adjusted to be more prim breast-friendly. See what I mean?

Admittedly, some poses never work with the angles I want to get; that's been a persistent problem with every photography session I've either done for other people, or for myself. But prim breasts present unique, and uniquely irritating, problems in this regard. I think I need to start going to animation programmers and putting together another Frankenpack of animations that work (at least most of the time) (at least for most shots). That would have to be better than the cobble of mostly-acceptable-but-really-kind-of-suck-filled animations I have now.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

And yeah, the latex "highlights" are really starting to bug me. (For my money--or anyone's--I really think if you want latex-covered implants, your best bet is still Eclectic Randomness. They come with thirty-six different top variations, quick scaling [and shrinking] options, and a whole host of shiny, pretty scripted bang for the buck--in this case, only L$200. (Granted, she insists on supporting the Powers of Creation latex colors, but come on, these could be matched elsewhere.)

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

There was this odd little 'ghost light', a little blue glowing orb, floating around on the left side of the cemetary, and when I was trying to get a reasonably decent shot, it started meandering my way. I got about three, maybe four shots of me with various amounts of blue light; this was one of the better ones.

So we reach my next problem: atmosphere. While I can't argue that the sim's important, in this shot (and a few others not uploaded), without prim breasts I could just react to the particular light, or lack thereof; any floating light sources, sunbeams, fog, mist...but remember, prim breasts, right?

So my problem here is--it is an alpha texture? Then I can't shoot through it; prim breasts. Is it prim fog or particle fog? Either way, that's now problematic; prim breasts. What about floating glowing orbs? Well, as you can see here, sometimes they work. (The problem is when they don't.)

And we're not even going into how suddenly limited I am in wardrobe choices. Because I'm still not sure if it's possible to just grab dress textures (even solely for personal use) from a outfit, to then use as the top portion alone, there's just no good way to use most of my (and let's be honest here, still insanely extensive) wardrobe at this point. It's beyond frustrating.

Because I'm finding myself adding in paragraphs under each photo, instead of quick little quips, I'm going to cut this one off here, too, and deal with the last eight in the next entry (or two entries).

Friday, February 24, 2012

photo post 1 (of 4): posing in Rackingham State Hospital's cemetary

(Most of this first batch were taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

You would not believe how hard it is these days to track down a reasonably gothic, brooding sim for photography. Oubliette's my default (and rightfully so!) for fantasy of any stripe, but for just standing around in a moody setting? Had I thought it through, I likely could have gone to one of the Dare Designs sims, and I likely will in future; but with Tusk and Relic gone, well...offerings seemed thin on the ground.

So first, I tracked down a quiet little place in Somnolenta Sea called the Rackingham State Hospital. I knew little more about the place save for what comes up in Search when one runs it down. And all I was using it for was, essentially, a better photo backdrop than I could throw together in half an hour.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Now, I freely acknowledge, this may well be a case of the technology improving beyond my former ability to display it: to wit, I have a better laptop on loan than my desktop used to be (and oh yes, I will miss this thing when it goes, oddities and all).

But even with that, beyond skybox/hunt photos adventures, this was my first trip out specifically to document prim breast limitations. And, unsurprisingly, I found a few.

First (at least, with the eBoobs; I have yet to try matching outfits on the Aphrodites), even picking the same color base layer to go with the same color prim outfit (I had selected the Keyhole top in Charcoal for both), in the same fabric (Latex; not the best latex highlights, but hey), didn't result in perfect matching. As I said, maybe it's just a better monitor display, but that bothered me more than a little.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Second, I'm astounded this didn't occur to me before this point, but hey--prim breasts still out farther! (I know, I know, really silly to say, but I didn't expect that much interaction, frankly. I mean, as far as dimensions, I'm still keeping these puppies small. And I mean that in all seriousness: check out Laurana's Cuties if you don't believe me.)

But, nevertheless, there we are--I'm going to have to "shop around" far more seriously for future shoots, and check out all angles before snapping things. I'm fine with taking multiple shots--these days, they all go to offline storage anyway, I only import things into SL if I'm absolutely sure about use for profile pics. (And even then, I sometimes get it wrong.)

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Next up: lighting. Now, I deliberately dug up the harshest, most unnatural face light I have in my (minimal) collection; but it still makes the point--unlike the 'natural' lights and shadows with the mesh shape/skin, prim breasts react as any other prim--shadows will lay over them, but not under them--unless placed there. With time, sure, I might develop "shading" underlayers, but most of my photography is off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment stuph. I'm not the best photographer, but I've always taken a certain amount of pride in that at least, with the pictures I take, they're what most people could actually see in world.

So there was another realization while I spun the camera and snapped shot--there's no shading that will come into play on prim breasts when using targeted lights...well, unless your system can run full Windlight/shadow layers. (I'm not entirely sure even the shiny happy Qosmio loaner can, to be frank.) Since mine doesn't (the Kirsten viewer never even worked on my desktop), I'm left working with--and enhancing--the things I can do, which leads me to another photographic detail I discovered earlier--prim breasts show up like any prim-under-alpha for the full-screen "glow" treatments I play with occasionally--in that I was reduced to just prim breasts, prim hair and heels if I put up a glow filter between my avatar and the camera. Bother. (That's not specifically a prim breast issue, but a larger issue with how SL handles alpha texturing these days, but still.)

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Finally, the last issue (for this entry): clipping. There's going to be a lot of shots upcoming for clipping; but this was the first where it was really obvious. (And yes, this wasn't the shock of finding it after the fact; none of these were. I knew at the time there were issues. But this one, the clipping issue, it's going to become really bad...and really really obvious.

news from Miss Moonites

Back on the prim breasts angle...Still trying to track down demos for more things, and still dedicated to trying them out and giving honest reports, but have been slightly sidelined in that due to the motherboard (and possibly the CPU) in my personal bit of outrageous desk technology going haywire. In short, the fans stopped fanning, and that pretty much made my computer a paperweight. We're working on getting it back up and running; hopefully, that will be tonight, but if not, it may be a few days.

(On the road to publication--I actually wrote this two days ago--it has now been determined that the hard drive is fine, the power supply is fine, the motherboard and potentially the CPU are fried beyond repair. I have a "loaner" laptop--on extended loan--but in all truth, it's likely going to be several months before my actual desktop gets up and running. Oh, bother.)

In the meantime, I wrote Ms. Moonites, the designer behind the Lolas line of prim breasts. She sent me back a reply:
Hi Emilly, we dont have demos due to security reasons, (its so easy stole a demo and turn it on a full version :P), anyway we are going to release new products and change a lot of things in the next weeks,included the posibility of give demos, i recommed you to wait a little, and see the changes we are prepairing for our customers.

hope this helps you and sorry about my english.

hugs sandi

Absolutely--if English is not your native tongue, then you're doing really, really good getting this far.

But okay--we have it from her directly; the next update in a few weeks may well include demos! (And who knows, by then I may be a) working or b) have cajoled someone into giving me more Lindens to try out the new versions, so that may well work out on the delay, too!)

Also, it's been confirmed that I'm in the second round of beta-testing for Mused's new breast version. I get the feeling I got in on the second go-round because I'm not that up to speed on prim breasts and their idiosyncrasies, yet, so she wants folks who are more used to them to report back the bugs and quirks. Then, after she's smoothed out the beginning, I--and everyone else in "wave two" of testing--will report back any bugs left, and our experiences with them, until full release.

(For which, yes, I'm hoping my computer's up and running, but really, I don't expect it to be down more than a week, at most.)

So yay for new things to be excited about--and new reasons to be in SL! (Though I am also amused, it took a prim breast hunt to get me back in.)

Busty Valentine: part nine

(This was also transferred off the Train Wreck to here. Two comments, which are now sadly orphaned, puir wee beasties.)

Friend of mine asked me what implant appliers were included with some of the hunt gifts, and I realized I hadn't even considered that when putting together the pictures and the mini-reviews. So consider this the wrap-up to all the hunt entries, which can also be accessed from this one:
  • part one (demos of different prim breasts)
  • part two (demos of more prim breasts, and the two corsets from the hunt start point)
  • part three (more implant demos)
  • part four (stores three to six covered)
  • part five (stores seven to nine covered
  • part six (stores ten and eleven covered)
  • part seven (stores twelve to fourteen covered)
  • part eight (stores thirteen to seventeen covered, which ends the hunt)
  • part nine (this entry, which appliers are handed out with which pieces, which truly ends the hunt)
And Miss StJohn of Amazon Designs finally tracked down what was the difficulty in delivering the appliers for her outfit: it's something to do with the coding in the ICON applier scripts. They're simply set to notrans, ever, which is problematic.

(from the Busty album)

She does have appliers available now, though, for V-String, Universals, PS Designs, Mused, MCI, Lolas, IBTO, iBoobs, FoxBean, Essentials, and eCorp. And this is her offering for the hunt without using part of a separate designer's outfit.

>As it is, it's a simple cocktail dress, strapless, all-over moire pattern in a heathered red using a rather intense repeat on the base texture itself. Still, it's cute, and it's not a trio of leather cords tied to small triangles that do absolutely nothing to cover anything, so I'm happy with it.

(from the Busty album)

And this is the dress from the side; the cups don't quite match with the rest of the base-layer dress, so my two choices are live with a bit of dissonance, and have my prim breasts where I think they look best, or adjust them upward so there's no visual dissonance on the seam line...leaving the implants looking the merest bit high on the chest. It's all in the balance, I suppose. I'll figure it out.

(For this shot, I was wearing the departed Katt Krap's "Ghost Leopard Gurlie skin", Discord Designs' "Tomcat" tail and ears in Shock (no longer sold), Exile's "Rayanne" hair in "Arctic" (won in a hunt in 2008), a pair of silver cat eyes I picked up somewhere on Temenos Island in November of 2006, and Malfean Visions' "Bitchchain" boots in purple [because I was getting frustrated trying to find a match for this particular shade of red; though now that I'm thinking on it, I do believe Lassitude & Ennui makes a boot in a similar tone]).

So, what appliers are used where on this hunt? Apart from Amazon Designs' entry, given above, here's the final run-down.

Tw@ttyC@ke's "Sweetheart" Corset: Aphrodite, eBoobs (Naturals and Overfilleds), Essentials, Lolas, Universals, VStrings, and ICON.
Tw@ttyC@ke's "Kissed" Corset: Aphrodite, eBoobs (Naturals and Overfilleds), Essentials, Lolas, Mused, Universals, and V-Strings.
Bad Kitty's "Pride" Dress: eCorp, Essentials, iBoobs, ICON, Lolas, Mused, Universals, Violet Studios (?), and a generic applier that may work for all, may work for none.
Titz' "Be Mine" tee: Lolas only.
Titz' "F*ck Cupid" tee: Lolas only.
Titz' "Valentine" dress: generic applier only.
Thirteen Industries' "ValenCorset", leather lingerie set, and pasties: generic applier, Essentials applier.
By Eve's "Delphine" skin (still unphotographed): Mused, eCorp, Universals, Lolas, Aphrodite, V-String (XL only), and two generic appliers.
By Eve's "Valentine's Lingerie": Mused, eCorp, Foxbean, Universals, Lolas, Aphrodite, and V-String.
It Figures' "Cupid Dawl": eCorp, Essentials, Lolas Push-Ups, Mused, and V-Strings.
Designs by Shalenda's "Blue Valentine" dress: eCorp, Lolas, and Universals.
Que Bella's "Valentine" Corset: eBoobs (Overfilleds), Essentials, Lolas, Universals, and V-Strings.
Que Bella's "Fancy Lace Dress": eBoobs, Essentials, Lolas (Naturals and Push-Ups), Mused, Universals, and V-strings.
Gatherings Designs' "Be My Busty Valentine Cupid Corset": Universals, a generic applier, eCorp, Essentials, Foxbean, iBoobs, ICON, Aphrodites, and V-strings.
Gatherings Designs' "Red/Black Corset": Universals, a generic applier, eCorp, Foxbean, iBoobs, Icon, Aphrodites, and V-Strings.
Jinxed's "Busty Valentine" Bikini & "Heart" jeans: eBoobs, Lolas, and Universals.
Candy Cloud's "I Heart My Boobies" dress: ICON, V-Strings, Essentials, PS Designs, and Universals.
Tiny Things' "Be My Busty Valentine" outfit: Universals, B-Busty (Basic and Evolution), and a generic applier.
Viicious Bodyart "Vines" and "Butterfly" tattoos: V-Strings, iBoobs (Natboobs and Overfilleds, I think), and Universals.
i&Q's "Camo" Top: all sculpted item, no appliers necessary.
MF Creations' "Blue Diamond Roses" camisole set: iBoobs, Lolas, a "Multiclothing Applyer", PS Designs (V1 and V2), Universals, and V-Strings.
And the ResErrected solo-boobed top: Lolas only.

I hope that helps! In the meantime, what have I learned from all of this? Mainly, if a hunt is pretty much wholly uncovered, that I will move heaven and earth to cover it, if I feel it's important somehow. Don't ask me why a prim breast hunt suddenly felt that important now, but hey, now it's covered, with pictures and commentary and everything. You'

Busty Valentine: part eight

(This was moved from the Train Wreck over here; there were no comments.)

(And just to reiterate, I'm still wearing one of the Nomine "Aether" skins, in Bubblegum, and the tint on the Aphrodites is a fairly generic, cool pink (RGB 255,192,203) to go with. I'm still wearing the Valentine's eyes, and the hair is from FallnAngel Designs, "Lemanuel" in Burgundy.)

Stop #15 is the i&Q Mainstore. Their offering?

(from the Busty album)

A tinted "Camo Top", entirely sculpted; no prim breast appliers, no bottom. Ergh.

(from the Busty album)

It didn't get better from the side.

(from the Busty album)

And yes, that is a condom packet fixed to the straps of this abomination.

(from the Busty album)

Stop #16, MF Creations, was found in the "Big Boobs & Latex Outfits Mall". I suppose that's truth in advertising, of a sort. I wasn't impressed with most of the outfits in the mall, but this is truly lovely.

(from the Busty album)

Obviously, the side seams don't match, but it's a beautiful color, and I'm tempted to ignore the seams for the rest of it. I don't entirely get the solid black lace trimming the camisole cups, especially since the trim on every other piece of this set is lightly feathered.

(from the Busty album)

And the back view of this lingerie set. Still lovely, though there are earrings and a lace choker that I'm not showing.

(from the Busty album)

And then...they decided to make a skirt with solid black hearts and diamond hearts, doesn't really work for me. This one's better as a lingerie set, I think.

And stop #17, ResErrected is, due to store #18 (TavWear) dropping out, the last stop on the hunt. And...this was their offering:

(from the Busty album)

Uhhh...Yeah, so this one's never being worn again, either. Wau.

Busty Valentine: part seven

(This was originally seen over on the Train Wreck.)

(I'm still wearing one of the Nomine "Aether" skins, in Bubblegum, and the tint on the Aphrodites is a fairly generic, cool pink (RGB 255,192,203) to go with. I'm still wearing the Valentine's eyes, and the hair is from FallnAngel Designs, "Lemanuel" in Burgundy.)

Candy Cloud Clothing was stop #12. They offered the "Heart My Boobies" dress.

(from the Busty album)


I mean that. Seriously. What was this designer taking to come up with this? Kudos to her for making a long skirt, yay, and for going to cool aqua tones instead of the Valentine industry standard of red, pink and black.

But that top. That top. Or should I say, that teal-covered bandaging strip. The hell.

(from the Busty album)

And...those impossible side seams...not only does the bandage not qualify as an actual top, but it doesn't even match up visually.

(from the Busty album)

And to add insult to injury, the entire repeating pattern on the skirt is at a 45 degree angle from the main. So it doesn't even match up with itself.

This is an unmitigated disaster.

(from the Busty album)

Stop #13 takes us to Tiny Things, home of tiny-priced outfits for the larger-breasted (it's an interesting take on it, anyway). Keep in mind that I like what I've seen of Tiny Things so far...until this.

(from the Busty album)

Just as a general life rule, you should never make maternity wear for customers who aren't expecting.

(from the Busty album)

Also, if for some reason you are committed to making a big bulbous babydoll dress, can you at least make a flexi skirt for it? And, failing that (as this outfit clearly does), can you at least make the leggings not salmon? Were they the same silver-grey as the top and the sculpted bottom, they still wouldn't have blended in, but I wouldn't have had that atavistic reaction on wondering why my butt was bright pink, and when the baboons were going to descend on my skybox en masse.

(from the Busty album)

And without the bulbous skirt prim, it's...not better. Ack.

Stop #14 is Viicious Bodyart, otherwise known as Sir Not Appearing In This Film. Why? Well, first, as I discovered, I cannot have a top (or pasties) active when a tattoo layer is also active (this makes taking pictures problematic at best), but even worse, several of the tattoo breast appliers tinted the skin, not just draped tattoos over the breasts.

Not cool, people. I fought hard for that nearly-matching pink skin.

At least one more entry, maybe two, before I tie up this hunt.