Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bessie and her cohorts

Far be it from me to say anyone complained, and to be quite truthful, no one did. However, there were a few...shall we say..."gentle reminders" that the sudden appearance of prim breasts on the Train Wreck--and on me--was somewhat surprising. And got at least one reader into a (I add and reinforce, "slightly") embarrassing situation.

So, while my computer is currently lying in various pieces in various places, I had some time to think on it, and what I've decided to do is this--a new blog. While this blog may be Adult-rated (by Blogger), I'm going to do my best to ensure that things are at least reasonably covered.

So why start a new blog at all, if I'm not interested in posting nudes and racier articles than my blog allows? Well, because by their nature, for some folks, prim breasts sexualize the avatar. And I'm not the one standing on the sidelines saying they don't for me. This is a new interest, and I'm honestly not sure how deep it's going to go. Or how big it's going to get.


Though probably not this big. (That image might potentially be NSFW, too.) At least, I'm hoping not that big. Oh, the virtual back pain...

ANYWAY, the point is, between bouts of computer mourning (the motherboard's shot, the hard drive's fine, but we have one employed out of three at the house, so's going to be a while), I've been nipping in (first on the tiny netbook, later on the loaned-from-a-friend godlike Qosmio gaming laptop) and doing some beta testing for :mused:. Or, more specifically, beta-testing for their new line of prim breasts, the "Milk Made" line.

(from the Busty album)

Yep. This be them. In all their almost-skin-tinted glory.

Now, let me preface, before we all go there (because yeah, we're going there): I've never been that big into dairy girls, or human milking, or the "dairy maid" fetish--I'm not disparaging anyone who does, it's just never been my particular joy. (And just a note, that last link is to TV Tropes. Be warned.)

These breasts? Are pretty much, start to finish, tailored to that joy. They are really oversized, for one thing, and they're fitted with oversize nipples to match, and if you go too long between "milkings", your breasts get bigger. They're designed to get bigger.


(from the Busty album)

This is a shot from the side, so you can see just how far out these really go. I mean, hells, guys could see me around corners. By my definitions, this isn't huge--only because I've seen huge, both on and off SL--but I'm not that far from where my personal definition of "huge" starts.

(from the Busty album)

Now, so far the only real problem I'm having with testing the "Milk Made" line is that their selection of tops is so limited. Right now, the creator's pacing out the testing in fairly even groups. The "first wave" was comprised of women who've worn prim breasts longer than a year, who knew them in and out, possibly even programmers and scripters who knew to catch obvious scripting errors and bug-report them. The "second wave" is comprised of people like me--both new and old at this, who are wearing them as we'd normally try to wear prim breasts, and seeing how it works for us.

So far, I feel like I'm kind of riding on my time testing--I've only caught two errors, and both of those were spelling, so...I don't really feel like I'm doing enough for my beta status. I'll work on it.

(from the Busty album)

Another shot from the side.

The newly revised Appearance HUD for these went out this morning, and I had a chance to play around with it this evening. I will say that I wish the tinting system was better, but that's going to have to go in a suggestion notecard--what she really wants reported are actual programming errors, for the most part. But it's still a big deal to me--I can get close to the shade of the actual skin, but not exact--you can still tell the breasts, and my arms, are not the same shade. Also, I really want the ability to wear more than this sling-top, but that's also a function of being in beta--presumably, :mused: will be adding in applier coding to go out in a demo kit, later on.

(Then again, maybe not--having only the "milk strap" or nothing at all may be part of the 'dairy maid' play they're trying to set up. I just don't know.)

Note also the "cow spots" in this photo and the others--that came with the Appearance HUD, in a package called "Mad Cow Disease". It contained every conceivable layer of full white, medium white, and faded "cow spots", which is why I'm wearing such a dark skin--I wanted them to show up.

(The skin, btw, is a very old purchase from Springer Mausoleum, during her first or second year of operation.)

(from the Busty album)

What you're seeing here is one of the points of this whole affair--the "Milk Pump". And it's part of why you're not going to see this portion of things from the front--I'm not that keen on showing off my nipples when they're not elongated and cow-spotted like udders, but when the pumps kick into gear, that's what the nipples turn into.

And yes, here--and in other photos--you can see the milk tank next to me on the floor.

(from the Busty album)

And this shot shows just a hint of the actual milk being pumped out. (I know, it's silly, but you would not believe how red my cheeks are right now, just showing this. I think I've spent too much time in Caledon...)

Now, my "stats" as of this evening:

[02:33] Milk Made - Milk Moniter HUD:
=Consumption Stats=
Date joined: 2012-02-20
Current level: 1
Calcium level: 98.2
Lifetime milk drank: 0.75L
Milk drank today: 0.75

I signed in to the beta late because of the computer problems, so most of that reflects things that happened as of this evening. There are two ways to regain calcium lost through milk pumped: the taking of a one-use 50,000 IU dose of Vitamin D, that comes in its own little bottle; or drinking your own milk. I can easily see this becoming a minor gold mine for the maker, because--past the beta phase--I'm absolutely sure she's going to charge for each additional thing needed to keep the milkers happy and healthy. She's also working on greater interactivity between the milkers and owners, because this entire set-up is part prim breast, part roleplay, and part social game. In future, there will be milking ranks, and families; the milkers will have owners and servants; there will be options to flee one's family (or one's Master or Mistress) by drinking the "Outcast" elixir, and going off and forming your own herd.

So to speak.

Like I say, it's not necessarily my thing, but I can see why the creator's developing this, and she already had a line of the cow spots, as well as hooves, horns, and I think a cowbell collar, all to add to your "milk girl" roleplay joy.

My prediction--for the niche market within the niche market it's designed for, I think this will be pretty popular. Like RLV, it will provide another way for one human being to fairly completely control another, and anything that touches on that in Second Life tends to go over pretty well. I'll keep you posted on how the rest of the testing goes.

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