Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bessie got an update

New Beta Update! - The moment you've been waiting for. The latest Milk Made beta pack is in your inventory! Stats are starting new. Old beta items will stop working within a day or so. Also, you can now hold 20mg of calcium with a decrease of 1mg per day. Additional information has been added to the manuals. Please start filling tickets immediately!

So, of course, I rushed into world to unpack the new pack and see what had changed. Only to find out that nothing had, because the network was down and had frozen everything waiting for an update.

Oh, bad scripting, people, no cookies for you.

In other news, another blogger took on the Busty Valentine hunt; and I'm a little confused. Part of what sent me down this bouncing path is that I wanted to see what the clothing looked like with implants.

Apparently she didn't even bother. I don't think that's an improvement, but to be fair, had I seen her pics, and not mine, I'd likely have thought more than six items or so were worth keeping from the hunt.

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