Thursday, February 23, 2012

more from Bessie

So, I've tried to drop a solid chunk of time (for me, that translates to three or four hours, total) tonight, working with the Milk Made system. I'm not proficient yet. I'm starting to get an idea of what helps me "produce" milk, and how long it takes on each milking session.

As of 2:36 on the 23rd:

[02:36] Milk Made Breasts 0.907:
=Consumption Stats=
Date joined: 2012-02-20
Current level: 1
Calcium level: 100
Lifetime milk drank: 2.25L
Milk drank today: 1.5

I am now at 100% calcium, and I have two and a half liters of milk in a storage tank. Which, right now, I can drink to keep my calcium high, but eventually I believe there will be a vendor system so I can sell milk.

Well, not me personally, but any milkmaid who has this system.

(Why no, I'm not that brave to link this on the blog visibly, but for any who are curious, that's what the milking apparatus actually looks like.)

Now, I'm generation 1 (I think) because I'm the only one in my 'family'; mainly, my assigned group hasn't yet rezzed out their family tome and started adding members. This is partially because adding members seems to be glitching out on the tomes. So the creators are working on getting that fix out there. I think also because we lost some folks from the beta testing pool. I don't know yet if any 'maids' were lost from group 6 (my testing group).

But all of this will be worked out in time. I'm at least committed to the process. It's an odd system, but it's at least well tailored to the specific fetish. One of my loves is deeply jealous that I got into the beta, even, because she and her girl are wholly devoted to cow play, milking, and large breasts.

Go figure.

(from the Busty album)

And yes, these are the Milk Made breasts at nadir; my stats said they contained 0L of milk.

They only get bigger from here. Kind of scary, innit?

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