Friday, February 24, 2012

news from Miss Moonites

Back on the prim breasts angle...Still trying to track down demos for more things, and still dedicated to trying them out and giving honest reports, but have been slightly sidelined in that due to the motherboard (and possibly the CPU) in my personal bit of outrageous desk technology going haywire. In short, the fans stopped fanning, and that pretty much made my computer a paperweight. We're working on getting it back up and running; hopefully, that will be tonight, but if not, it may be a few days.

(On the road to publication--I actually wrote this two days ago--it has now been determined that the hard drive is fine, the power supply is fine, the motherboard and potentially the CPU are fried beyond repair. I have a "loaner" laptop--on extended loan--but in all truth, it's likely going to be several months before my actual desktop gets up and running. Oh, bother.)

In the meantime, I wrote Ms. Moonites, the designer behind the Lolas line of prim breasts. She sent me back a reply:
Hi Emilly, we dont have demos due to security reasons, (its so easy stole a demo and turn it on a full version :P), anyway we are going to release new products and change a lot of things in the next weeks,included the posibility of give demos, i recommed you to wait a little, and see the changes we are prepairing for our customers.

hope this helps you and sorry about my english.

hugs sandi

Absolutely--if English is not your native tongue, then you're doing really, really good getting this far.

But okay--we have it from her directly; the next update in a few weeks may well include demos! (And who knows, by then I may be a) working or b) have cajoled someone into giving me more Lindens to try out the new versions, so that may well work out on the delay, too!)

Also, it's been confirmed that I'm in the second round of beta-testing for Mused's new breast version. I get the feeling I got in on the second go-round because I'm not that up to speed on prim breasts and their idiosyncrasies, yet, so she wants folks who are more used to them to report back the bugs and quirks. Then, after she's smoothed out the beginning, I--and everyone else in "wave two" of testing--will report back any bugs left, and our experiences with them, until full release.

(For which, yes, I'm hoping my computer's up and running, but really, I don't expect it to be down more than a week, at most.)

So yay for new things to be excited about--and new reasons to be in SL! (Though I am also amused, it took a prim breast hunt to get me back in.)

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