Sunday, February 26, 2012

the perils of milking (Bessie's adventures, III)

While I'm sorting through pictures of the last two demo runs, thought I'd catch up with some developments on the Milk Made breasts.

Right now, they're still on the twitchy side--I've gotten enough calcium, wait, I dipped low, I'll take a Vitamin D pill; okay, have enough calcium, wait, my breasts don't have enough milk to pump yet, I'll take a hormone shot; now I'm ready to pump, but oh wait, being called out for dinner with the ladies I live with, so by the time I get to log back in, I'll likely be hypocalcemic again and won't be able to pump at all for a few minutes.

Hypocalcemia's actually a real thing, I looked it up. I have no idea if "milking girls" would suffer from it, but hey, as we don't really have those at present, I have no clue who I'd even ask. Though apparently it does exist, and is likely growing in (RL) popularity.

Okay. So how am I doing, aside from all the careful balancing? My 'stats' the last time I logged off:

[18:08] Milk Made Breasts 0.907:
=Consumption Stats=
Date joined: 2012-02-20
Current level: 1
Calcium level: 20
Lifetime milk drank: 5.25L
Milk drank today: 2

Why did I drink two whole liters today? Because I was low in calcium. That, and the Vitamin D pills, are the fastest way to get calcium back in the system, though Ms. Nakamura is working on a more varied calcination system.

Also, I recently discovered (purely by chance) that the "milking strap" (the strap that holds the back pump on) and the breasts are on the same attachment point. This is what Ms. Nakamura said:
[A]t this time we have the milker strap, the tank strap, and the strings, all attached to the same point of the breasts. to wear all 3 at the same time you would need to wear them by choosing "add to outfit".
Which is good to know, because I don't, by default, consider "add to outfit" before anything else--mainly, because most of the TPV clients I've used haven't had "add to outfit" as an option.

I'm going to figure out how easy the pump strap is to remap tonight, because while I could just select "add", honestly, I'd rather have them on independent points, so I don't detach by accident again.

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