Friday, February 24, 2012

photo post 1 (of 4): posing in Rackingham State Hospital's cemetary

(Most of this first batch were taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

You would not believe how hard it is these days to track down a reasonably gothic, brooding sim for photography. Oubliette's my default (and rightfully so!) for fantasy of any stripe, but for just standing around in a moody setting? Had I thought it through, I likely could have gone to one of the Dare Designs sims, and I likely will in future; but with Tusk and Relic gone, well...offerings seemed thin on the ground.

So first, I tracked down a quiet little place in Somnolenta Sea called the Rackingham State Hospital. I knew little more about the place save for what comes up in Search when one runs it down. And all I was using it for was, essentially, a better photo backdrop than I could throw together in half an hour.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Now, I freely acknowledge, this may well be a case of the technology improving beyond my former ability to display it: to wit, I have a better laptop on loan than my desktop used to be (and oh yes, I will miss this thing when it goes, oddities and all).

But even with that, beyond skybox/hunt photos adventures, this was my first trip out specifically to document prim breast limitations. And, unsurprisingly, I found a few.

First (at least, with the eBoobs; I have yet to try matching outfits on the Aphrodites), even picking the same color base layer to go with the same color prim outfit (I had selected the Keyhole top in Charcoal for both), in the same fabric (Latex; not the best latex highlights, but hey), didn't result in perfect matching. As I said, maybe it's just a better monitor display, but that bothered me more than a little.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Second, I'm astounded this didn't occur to me before this point, but hey--prim breasts still out farther! (I know, I know, really silly to say, but I didn't expect that much interaction, frankly. I mean, as far as dimensions, I'm still keeping these puppies small. And I mean that in all seriousness: check out Laurana's Cuties if you don't believe me.)

But, nevertheless, there we are--I'm going to have to "shop around" far more seriously for future shoots, and check out all angles before snapping things. I'm fine with taking multiple shots--these days, they all go to offline storage anyway, I only import things into SL if I'm absolutely sure about use for profile pics. (And even then, I sometimes get it wrong.)

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Next up: lighting. Now, I deliberately dug up the harshest, most unnatural face light I have in my (minimal) collection; but it still makes the point--unlike the 'natural' lights and shadows with the mesh shape/skin, prim breasts react as any other prim--shadows will lay over them, but not under them--unless placed there. With time, sure, I might develop "shading" underlayers, but most of my photography is off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment stuph. I'm not the best photographer, but I've always taken a certain amount of pride in that at least, with the pictures I take, they're what most people could actually see in world.

So there was another realization while I spun the camera and snapped shot--there's no shading that will come into play on prim breasts when using targeted lights...well, unless your system can run full Windlight/shadow layers. (I'm not entirely sure even the shiny happy Qosmio loaner can, to be frank.) Since mine doesn't (the Kirsten viewer never even worked on my desktop), I'm left working with--and enhancing--the things I can do, which leads me to another photographic detail I discovered earlier--prim breasts show up like any prim-under-alpha for the full-screen "glow" treatments I play with occasionally--in that I was reduced to just prim breasts, prim hair and heels if I put up a glow filter between my avatar and the camera. Bother. (That's not specifically a prim breast issue, but a larger issue with how SL handles alpha texturing these days, but still.)

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Finally, the last issue (for this entry): clipping. There's going to be a lot of shots upcoming for clipping; but this was the first where it was really obvious. (And yes, this wasn't the shock of finding it after the fact; none of these were. I knew at the time there were issues. But this one, the clipping issue, it's going to become really bad...and really really obvious.

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