Saturday, February 25, 2012

photo post 2 (of 4): more shots from Rackingham State Hospital's cemetary

Back for round two; still in Rackingham, but I moved a few feet to the left.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

Oh look! More clipping! Which brings me to the next issue, and one of the more expensive ones, unfortunately: poses. Obviously, most poses won't work with prim breasts, but even more daunting, so far, I've only found one AO specifically for the bustier set, and they want nearly three thousand Lindens for it. (There is a lighter version, with fewer animations, but honestly, that one's priced on the high side, too.)

I'm seriously tempted to drop a line to Ruy Bury and see if Creative Insanity can come up with an AO set. Because there needs to be more than just those two, highly overpriced, animation packs on the market. Stat.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

A shot from the other side; this particular pose also clips on the right side. Damn it! And this is the AO I've adjusted to be more prim breast-friendly. See what I mean?

Admittedly, some poses never work with the angles I want to get; that's been a persistent problem with every photography session I've either done for other people, or for myself. But prim breasts present unique, and uniquely irritating, problems in this regard. I think I need to start going to animation programmers and putting together another Frankenpack of animations that work (at least most of the time) (at least for most shots). That would have to be better than the cobble of mostly-acceptable-but-really-kind-of-suck-filled animations I have now.

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

And yeah, the latex "highlights" are really starting to bug me. (For my money--or anyone's--I really think if you want latex-covered implants, your best bet is still Eclectic Randomness. They come with thirty-six different top variations, quick scaling [and shrinking] options, and a whole host of shiny, pretty scripted bang for the buck--in this case, only L$200. (Granted, she insists on supporting the Powers of Creation latex colors, but come on, these could be matched elsewhere.)

(from the Busty album; taken in Rackingham State Hospital.)

There was this odd little 'ghost light', a little blue glowing orb, floating around on the left side of the cemetary, and when I was trying to get a reasonably decent shot, it started meandering my way. I got about three, maybe four shots of me with various amounts of blue light; this was one of the better ones.

So we reach my next problem: atmosphere. While I can't argue that the sim's important, in this shot (and a few others not uploaded), without prim breasts I could just react to the particular light, or lack thereof; any floating light sources, sunbeams, fog, mist...but remember, prim breasts, right?

So my problem here is--it is an alpha texture? Then I can't shoot through it; prim breasts. Is it prim fog or particle fog? Either way, that's now problematic; prim breasts. What about floating glowing orbs? Well, as you can see here, sometimes they work. (The problem is when they don't.)

And we're not even going into how suddenly limited I am in wardrobe choices. Because I'm still not sure if it's possible to just grab dress textures (even solely for personal use) from a outfit, to then use as the top portion alone, there's just no good way to use most of my (and let's be honest here, still insanely extensive) wardrobe at this point. It's beyond frustrating.

Because I'm finding myself adding in paragraphs under each photo, instead of quick little quips, I'm going to cut this one off here, too, and deal with the last eight in the next entry (or two entries).

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