Saturday, February 25, 2012

photo post 3 (of 4): shooting in Damned Bay

From Rackingham State Hospital I moved to the Damned Bay in Quezon. I didn't fully explore it--to be honest, I shot these late at night, both in roleplay sims, and I was just there for pictures, not interaction. But Damned Bay has its own beauty, more palustrine than uliginose, and lacking in actual swamp sounds; bird calls, the soft washing of muddy water, insect hums and slithering things. Still, for a chance-found location, I was pleased by it.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

About the only real problem in Damned Bay, pictorially speaking, is there's a fair bit of repetition in the non-prim trees. This isn't completely jarring, but it did mean I had to shoot from very specific points on the map. Many of the structures I would have adored capturing faced those clusters of mathematically placed growth.

However, we come to the next problem, a sub-group of clipping: dealing with prim hair. I can tell I'm going to develop a newfound respect for updos at this rate, because while I can edit much out in Gimp, to my eye it's going to look edited, because let's be honest here, I'm not that good.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

I'm not even sure why this bothers me so badly; I've dealt with flexi hair issues for five years, why is this even a problem? The only thing I can think of is that with flexi hair--with even solid sculpted hair--there's always another pose I can use, a better angle, to get the shot I want. With prim breasts and prim hair, there is always going to be clipping. So I have to start thinking of updos, or short hair, or hair that's long, but held off my neck. This brings a whole new set of problems in picture-taking.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Another pose, another shot of the clipping issue. Which is really sad; I liked this pose, I liked the look of the Bay over my shoulder; I wanted this one to work out. But while I can edit things, for most of my photo runs, I want to leave them as untouched as possible. (It's a thing.) With prim hair clipping through prim breasts, this is just not possible.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

And here's the third problem with clipping; while I can always change my pose so my hands won't go through my hips, when I have prim hair clipping, hand clipping, and prim fog occasionally slicing through my hips--man, that's just too much going wrong for anyone to handle.

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