Saturday, February 25, 2012

photo post 4 (of 4): the last from Damned Bay

So, remember the shot in the prim fog, earlier this evening? Right, so keep in mind, I hadn't moved:

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Well, I hadn't moved my location; I did change my pose, just a little. And though there's still clipping across the fingers, the other hand extended lends the visual concept that all fingers on both hands are present and visible in the shot. Even better, this proved fairly easy to edit (note the lack of presence of flexi hair sticking into my cleavage).

By the way, I haven't done my usual detailing of what I'm wearing; beyond saying that they're specifically eBoobs implants, everything else I have on is old, or can't be seen (the freebie Rris tail, for instance, or the faun legs I'm wearing below the Nomine skirt from Titania's Court), or isn't made anymore (the hair, the eyes, the skin). This particular avatar, start to finish, can't really be reproduced, so I skipped it.)

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Here's a closer look at the hair clipping: perfectly useable shot, I thought at the time, were it not for the flexi bits showing through my cleavage. Of course, then--afterwards--I took a closer look, and thought the hedge wall/dead tree wall behind me, and thought, with true regret, that even pulling this one into Gimp wouldn't change the fact that those dead limbs are just positioned too closely, and in far too mathematical a fashion.

Sometimes it's not the flaws in the shot; sometimes it's the flaws in the world. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that.

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

And this is the same shot, camera rotated slightly to the right, obscuring the bank of precisely spaced trees, and with very minimal editing around the cleavage. There's still clipping, but what I can't see, I can freely ignore, for the most part. (Though I really need a better tail; I think the days of the torus-built bow are over.)

(from the Busty album; taken in the Damned Bay in Quezon.)

Finally, the one I decided--after thirty-nine shots in all, very few of which I uploaded--could be pulled into world as my new profile. At least until I manage to find work or find another source of Lindens.

And for all of that? There's still hair clipping into the cleavage, and worst of all, perhaps the cruelest thing to learn--is that with prim breasts, picture width matters very much--not so much for the first life picture, or for standard 512x512 or 1024x1024 texture uploads.

But for the more-or-less 4x3 take on the initial profile pic? I am going to have to remember to keep the height fixed at a certain percentage, but allow for greater width to each side, before I resize it to a standard 512. Suddenly, the addition of prim breasts mean I have to do math to take pictures now! Or at least, import them into world.

I'm not Barbie--no matter how inflated my chest may or may not get. But yeah, sometimes I just want to take a picture, crop it, and go. I don't want to have to go through forty, sixty shots, find one that's maybe useable, edit it, crop it properly, resize it to exact specifications (and I don't even know what those are, yet) and then upload it into world.

At this rate, I'm going to take far less pictures, I think. It's starting to feel like more stressful challenge, than pleasant pastime.

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