Sunday, February 26, 2012

VStrings demo run (part 1 of 2)

Did I cover the VStrings demos yet?

If not, here goes. I started with the XLs, and what is below is one of the most carefully angled shots I've ever done in my life. But I have to set it up. There are "Milk" options on the Vstrings. While I'm sure there are greater interactive options in the full versions, in the demos you have three: "Ooze", "Spray", and "Gush". The "Ooze" setting could be comfortably described as a slow drip. The "Spray" was...well, at least on the demos, I pretty much had sparklers attached to my implants. Showy, but ultimately ineffective.

And the "Gush"...was this:

(from the Topping Out album)

So...yeah. This isn't the best picture, but the first word that came to mind was "sprinklers". As in "I have sprinklers attached to my nipples." It's completely bizarre and I don't get why that would happen to any woman who hasn't clamped her breasts into a vise.

Unrealistic? Sure, but then, so's the shape of the implants themselves. Then, there were the clothing layer options.

(from the Topping Out album)

This is the "Soft latex" top option. Fairly decent highlights, though it looks more grey than true black. How'ver, as this is a limited-option demo, that may be what it is; I do know it's the only option for "Soft" over "Hard" latex.

Topping Out album)

And this is the first shot from the "Hard latex" top selection. The reason I'm doing two shots is because I really wanted to show both sides of the latex highlights, which, frankly, are on the awful side. In this shot, it's not so bad, but in the next one...

(from the Topping Out album)'s much, much worse. Sadly, it's not the highlighting that's that much of a problem, either--it's how the highlighting stretches over the sculpts underneath. See that rather sharply defined angle on the inside curve of the right implant? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.

That, and the inexplicable highlight around what should be a protruding left nipple. The hell, designers. What are you thinking with that?

(We'll return to this topic when I hit the XXL demos.)

(from the Topping Out album)

So, now we come to the inherent clothing layers. First problem with this demo: none of the base-layer clothing is included. That's not an absolute deal-breaker for me, but problem two might be: there are no tinting options, no skin options, no HUDs included either. So what you see here--this sort of, oddly putty-colored skin of the implants? Yeah. It won't ever get better, because on the demos, you can't change it.

Now, were this worn with the appropriate clothing base layer, this would be a V-cut tank top. (Oh, right--you also can't tint the clothing layers; in the demo they're all just white save for the latex and the pasties.) As it is, and in the glaring white-over-putty paste skin tone, it's not bad, actually. I do wish I'd been able to see the straps on the base layer, though, to see if they met up with the implant straps.

(from the Topping Out album)

And this is the...crop top option, very, very carefully shot. Trust me--any lower reveals nips. (And on this implant set, you don't want to see them.)

(from the Topping Out album)

And the--ergh--pasties. Not only are they badly highlighted strips of latex tape, but they are badly highlighted strips of latex tape with a white outline. Dear gods, these need to be redone.

(from the Topping Out album)

Finally, the branded "Verotic" VStrings logo tee. This would probably be a lot better with the base clothing layer to test it with, too.

The notecard with these tells me that full interactions, tinting, appliers, and skin gradient HUDs come with a purchase of the implants, but as they stand, I can't tint them, I can't color the clothing layers, I can't pick out the skin tone; so what you see is what I saw too.

And what I saw wasn't that impressive.

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