Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what the--I'm DRESSED, you nimrod! get your pinchy fingers out of there!

[00:46] :: bxxxxxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx unconsciously wets their lips as they take in the delicious sight of Emilly Orr's lovely breasts, imagining the wicked ways they might find to keep Her nipples pleasured.
[00:47] Emilly Orr looks over, smiling wryly. "Now, now."
[00:47] :: bxxxxxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx trails their fingertips teasingly over the beautiful curves of Emilly Orr's breasts for an almost agonizingly long moment before finding Her nipples and giving them a slow, deliberately erotic pinch.

Whatever happened to goddamn roleplay?

I'm far from a blushing virgin, and yes, thank you, it is my own responsibility to manage my breast emotes the way I want to. Frankly, I think I deserve at least a partial pass because for the past two weeks, I've been switching between two purchased pairs, one beta-testing pair, and several demos.

However the case may be, however, I still think it's unconscionably rude to just pinch someone's nipples without even saying "hi r u hot", or something. (Sure, I'd prefer "Greetings, gentle lady", but hey, I'll take what I can get. It's a debased world.)

Also, I'm sure it was just sim lag where I was at the time, but my line in this? My only line to him? Was typed out as I changed the settings to prevent him from doing what he did the very next line.

So, okay, sure. Hit me with all of them. I was asking for it. I was dressed for it. You don't want that kind of attention, don't wear prim breasts. You don't want those emotes going off, shut 'em off. It's only a game. If you're that bothered by it, just log off.

Yeah, you know what? I did. I ported home, changed into a fairly sexless bunny, threw away my plans for more beta-testing, and am now grumping at the keys, trying to figure out why I'm upset.

(No, don't answer that, I know why. I wanted to be talked to first. And as it happens, yes, I've been groped in public, RL, on more than one occasion--so I'm not crying, I'm not enraged, I'm not throwing things--but it bothered me then, and it bothers me now. What happened to striking up a conversation? What happened to even just saying hello? Are all the gentle courtesies gone, replaced with brash silence and small violations?)

And do other women who wear prim breasts more often than I'm starting to just shrug and giggle at these things? Because, honestly, had he not been carrying two torches (and hey, that's another thing--how the hell did he pinch my nipples carrying two goddamn torches?), I might have honestly slapped him.

What a jerk.

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