Thursday, March 1, 2012

Universals demo run

I don't, as it happens, have Implant Nations' SLUrl, which is frustrating, but I do have their SL Marketplace store, and that will have to do.

I'd spent an earlier entry (I think part of the Busty Valentine hunt coverage), where I go over all the features on the notecard I received, but here's some pictures of the Universals in action.

(from the Topping Out album)

I didn't tint any of these, but this is the tri-hole lace top. (Really don't know what it's called beyond that; I think it was something like 2/13.) And yes, the implants are this big right out of the box.

(from the Topping Out album)

And this is the simple, low scoop-neck top options.

(from the Topping Out album)

I did a little bit of shrinking work, and found a keyhole top that was pretty. This is it with the smaller size implants.

(from the Topping Out album)

And this is the (edited) version of the lace strapless bra. (If you really want to see it uncensored, you can.)

(from the Topping Out album)

And I could have sworn I had another top to show off...this one looks like the keyhole again.

At any rate, there's a lot of respect for these around the grid--one of my loves swears by her Universals, in fact, it's one of her preferred brands--and I can see why. They're large for my taste--I know, how strange, someone wearing prim breasts who doesn't want them Moon-sized--but they look good, and there's a LOT of top options. The tinting system is fairly good--all skin tinting is difficult, but still, it's easier with the Universals--and overall, I think they're worth the price.

Two...whatevers...up, I give them full credit for a good product--and a GREAT demo. But keep in mind they only last ten minutes--then the scripting dies and they turn into great big squares. (Yep, seriously.)