Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lola's Tangos: first you see them...wait, what?

This is a great list of recent store discoveries for the Tango line of Lola's; there's also listings in that list of the few stores that also have appliers for Riann Maltese's Lush line of implants (because, even though the Lush appliers work better, they're now scripted to work with the Tango appliers as well). Unfortunately, it seems everyone's converting to the Lola's line, over other implant makers; sad for me, because up until recently, I had not the Lola's. And even post-acquisition, I'm finding I still like my Universals better.

How'ver, if you, too, have either Lola's Tango, or Lola's Push-Up implants, there's a fun, flirty, bunny gift on the Marketplace with you in mind.

So, I will soon be covering the Hello Titty hunt, finally--through the odd synchronicity of winning an event (Eldergoths are yay), and begging my loves in more localized space, I was able to buy a pair of the Lola's Tango mesh breasts.

I have noticed one glaring issue with them, so far.

This is what happens when I port anywhere, whether it's back to the home space or off somewhere shopping or wandering:

(from the Topping Out album; oh look! Bare breasts!)

This is a flaw, not a feature, as far as I'm concerned. I have zero idea what other people see when I port places now, considering some folks on the grid still can't see mesh anyway. What I do know is this makes me mortified to port anywhere that might not be Adult- (or at least Moderate-) rated.

(from the Topping Out album; there the top is!)

After a period of time (sometimes up to fifteen seconds, I've counted), my breasts are covered by cloth again (and, regardless of how skimpy this outfit it, it is an outfit). But during that time I'm always in a state of mild panic.

This never used to happen with other implant sets, so now I'm nervous about wearing the Lolas out on the grid.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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