Monday, January 21, 2013

new this month (I think): the Boobies Show event!

Well, yikes, I got REALLY distracted from posting here, huh?

Well, in the intervening time, I have not figured out how to work with the appliers for any implant type available (mostly because I never sat down and tried; RL got insane for a while!). However, there are now new implant events, and a hunt going on, so I'm planning on covering those.

Also, just for the annoyance of it, obviously it's been some time since I threw on any of my implant sets, as you can clearly see:

(from the Topping Out album; skin-tone matching is haaaaaard)

See what I mean? I wanted to try out Heartsick's Mew skin, because I noticed it was on sale at the Marketplace (and later, I found out in her store, as well!) for L$50. I figured, it's a dark tanned skin, more 'skin' than 'fur' (and yes, I know I'm weird, but most of my neko skins are short-furs for that reason, not actual human-girls-with-cat-ears), but how hard would it be, right? I mean, I had a skin tone, so it'd be easier to match...right?

Yeah, yeah, I know. When I get around to taking the shots for the hunt stuph, I'm going to have to wear a different skin.

How'ver, there are several events going for the busty set! Let's start with the Boobies Show:

(from the Topping Out album; Patchwork Heart's offerings for the Boobies Show event)

Lots of new names of designers I missed by spending months away, lots of Lolas Tango support (they really seem to be the breasts to own, no idea why).

(from the Topping Out album; BoobieLicious' offerings for the Boobies Show event)

Some limited implant options, but mostly, it's just a gathering of designers in one large room that's split into four sections. (I was having a little difficulty rezzing walls, as you can see in the above two shots; but the vendors came in just fine).

(from the Topping Out album; Cynful's pouty maidens for the Boobies Show event)

And a lot of fish-lip avatars on the product art, of course. Can we expect any more from the current state of the grid?

I'll cover the other events in a day or so when I start the (semi-serious) coverage of the next busty hunt; stay tuned!

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