Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pink Sugah offerings (with other stores on the side)

At least, while I set up the shots for the next hunt...the Hello Titty hunt, to be specific. This may take a bit, because apparently, the implants that are supported now do not match the ones I own. 'Tis a dilemma, to be sure.

At any rate, more Scenes from a Hat...err, I mean, scenes from a hunt.

Seen at F'n Hawt:

(from the Topping Out album)

For some reason, for the Hello Titty hunt, a lot of designers decided to put out a big-breasted panda.

This was a larger one seen at SugahTitz:

(from the Topping Out album)

I have no idea why.

Seen at Hot Stuff, one variant on Pink Sugah's new "Walk of Shame" dress:

(from the Topping Out album)

(which, in the leopard print, is found only in the lucky chair), and one of the ones from the Neon pack in the store:

(from the Topping Out album)

which is currently retailing for L$99 for a pack of three, including appliers. The colors include aqua (featured here), fuschia, and purple.

I'm not judging either avatar for their looks, by showing them here, by the way. I'm just not sure I'd feel comfortable wearing that outfit.

Boobie Babes has more about it, and other lucky board gifts/hunt gifts as well.

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