Thursday, February 21, 2013

Implant Nation and why their vendors aren't working

So, information is slowly drifting out about Tangos and tone matching. The Sugar Garden has a short, but excellent entry on tinting and adjusting. The Blogging SL blog has an entire tagged section just for posts involving Tangos. Both seem to be good resources for proper Tango management.

In the meanwhile, there were odd rumors about Implant Nation, so I tried to find out more:

[00:07] Emilly Orr: So, who knows more about the Implant Nation thing?
[00:15] ℳş 乇ℓуąℓєşιąηą (jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): Oh sorry Emilly i don't
[00:15] ϲɾմʍքҽէ հմɾìҟɑղ (txxx Axxxxxx): something happened?
[00:15] Axxxxxxx Lxxxx: there wer such impmants?
[00:16] Emilly Orr: All I've heard are the Implant Nation vendors are taking Lindens, and not dispensing product. The rumor: that the maker behind the Universals has left SL.
[00:16] ϲɾմʍքҽէ հմɾìҟɑղ (txxx Axxxxxx): oh wow
[00:17] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Bart of Implant Nation seems to have had RL difficulties, so he's focusing on that rather than SL business at the moment. The main shop and the sim it was on are closed down until further notice.

So...that explains that. Whether the rumors are true--that Bart's left SL, never to return--the fact that the Implant Nation main store's evaporated does explain some things.

[00:18] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The server for the Implant Nation vendor boards was on the sim, of course. Anybody with an IN vendor board should take it down.

Like that. Because people do tent to get irked when they pay out for items they never receive.

[00:18] Emilly Orr: Okay. That's definitely better than the rumor, but yeah, the vendor situation is troubling.
[00:19] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Unfortunately, Bart's vendor boards didn't have any sort of remote shutdown feature.
[00:21] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I've seen that there are Marketplace listings for the Universal primboobs, and the shapes add on pack, and a couple other things. Not sure if the Marketplace is delivering them, but an MP failed delivery should be easier to get a refund for :)

Really. But I still had questions. So I joined the group to see if there were any group notices. Turns out there were; two that I think are relevant to reproduce. This was the first, from a notecard sent to Ms. Lane, an officer in the group:
Bianca Linden

Hello Hotie,

Thank you for contacting support. This region has been taken offline intentionally and it shows no indication of being reactivated at this time.

I have brought the region back online for you to retrieve your objects. This region will be taken back offline tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Best Wishes,
Which still doesn't answer why the region has been taken offline, but Bianca doesn't have to answer that to my satisfaction, or anyone's, beyond the sim owner. And maybe the sim owner already knows.

The other one I wanted to mention, which was another communiqué from Ms. Lane:
Hold off on conducting any transactions with Implant Nation.

If you have a vendor that sells implants please remove or block them from being used. Myself or Bart will let you know what is going to happen until then for all vip please keep faith.
So that seems to be that.

I'll stay in the group for a bit longer, see if I hear anything else. In the meantime, don't buy anything from Implant Nation vendors, because they are not, I repeat not delivering.

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