Friday, February 8, 2013

Marketplace update!

I now know why everyone and their catgirl is coding for Lola's Tangos. It's entirely due to the coding on the applier, which is to say, there's not much coding at all to worry about. Capture the UUID; copy it into the notecard; use the settings mentioned in the manual; you're done!

With that in mind, I now present my first ever implant-friendly outfits:

(from the [black witch moth] album)

So this is the Queen Pink tank set, which comes in two versions: this one, and one with a "modesty" (not really, but go with me on this) lace insert. I did some simple work on a soft version of leggings, in a vintage hibiscus print, and I've got it priced at L$100 on the Marketplace.

(from the [black witch moth] album)

This is a closer look at the lace insert. I'm really proud of how it turned out.

(from the [black witch moth] album)

This is the same tank in green, lace insert shown first. For this initial foray into new territory, I'm working off a template purchased from AngelRED Couture, and it impressed me so much I joined her group. The name's also a reference, because if I hadn't found this pack, I would still be pondering appliers and how they work.

Her prices are high, but not unreasonable, and while most items are lower-cut than I'd like, this particular tank turned out to be easily modifiable.

(from the [black witch moth] album)

And this is the version without the lace insert. Both are included in each pack, on all layers I could think of, one applier for each version included. This one's also for L$100 on the Marketplace.

Yay! They're listed, they're live! Today has been a very good day.

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