Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lola's Gatchas, and why I should be designing more clothes

There are frequent times where I feel vastly out of step with my culture, on various levels. This one hit me very strongly, how'ver, and I felt it must be shared.

I'm currently standing at Zero Cool Design's Crazy Spring Gacha Festival--to be more specific, in front of A.R.C. + F.N.'s Lola's Gatcha Top vendor:

F(from the shopping album)

So, it's not that I haven't known this for a while now, but I really think I am massively out of step with the rest of the busty community. It's not the bustiness I mind (well...sometimes it is, but those are usually specific cases of lunatic proportions), as much as it is the lack of clothes.

Look. There are some cute designers out there who make scraps and tatters to wear. I get that. I'm not saying they're unattractive. What I am saying is that I want there to be more options for the busty set.

When I first heard of Lola's Tangos, I thought it was going to be that earth-shattering revolution we'd all been waiting for. Finally, we had essentially a drag-and-drop implant texturing option. We could make ANY clothes we wanted, clothes for Lola's Tangos, with 90% less muss and fuss.

In the months since I've owned them, the bulk of outfits I've seen, nearly universally, have fit into five distinct categories:

  1. corset or tank top that's slipped below the nipples (or that outright reveals one breast)
  2. shredded top or shredded minidress (this also fits all the openwork netting folks seem to adore designing) that shows more than it ever covers
  3. the 'Band-Aid and a cork' school of beachwear design
  4. suspenders worn over the breasts, with or without a crop top (this also includes the tops designed specifically to show sideboob or underboob)
  5. lingerie that cannot, in any setting, be taken as actual streetwear

I mean, look. I like chocolate as much as the next girl. But if that's all you plan to feed me, I am going to start seriously longing for a salad and some protein. Anyone would.

So I've taken some of today's not-ill-gotten-gains, and turned them into templates so I can play with dress design again. Here's to that working out. Because by all the gods, if I can't find it out there, then I may just need to speak a pox on all their houses and make what I want to wear my own damn self.

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