Friday, June 7, 2013

random freebs for the first part of June

(from the Topping Out album)
Leap of Faith's "Mother's Day" gift; just the blouse, but on all system layers, as well as being packaged with Lolas' Tango appliers. L$1. Get it here.

(from the Topping Out album)

AEZZO's scarlet simple top, jacket and shirt layers only, Tango appliers. L$10. Get it here.

(from the Topping Out album)

Logo top from Momma's Style; comes on all layers (including underwear, if you don't want to wear the jacket layer) with Lolas Tango appliers. Granted, this one does have the logo emblazoned across the belly, obviously, but that potentially could be covered with a wide corset belt, if you're not into advertising for the store. L$10. Get it here.

I'll look for more later!

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