Thursday, February 20, 2014

random freebs from February 2014

D and G Fashions has two lace bodysuits that come with Lolas Tangos and Phat Azz appliers. One is in a reasonably decent pink:

and the other a racy red:

and they're both free on Marketplace.

Next, it's not my favorite style, but the print is decent, and it's fairly full coverage, so here's a tank top I tracked down, as well:

It's from Virtual Attire and it's another freebie. Pair it with a short skirt or a pair of jeans, it should work nicely.

Next up, also from Virtual Attire, the farthest thing from "Steampunk" I've ever seen--but it doesn't flash nip and, while it's a high-waist style, it's not a cropped-waist:

It's a dollarbie on Marketplace.

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