Monday, July 21, 2014

weirdness at Hair Fair, part the second

Later that same night...

(from the bizarre album, because this is a perfect outfit for Mainland)


(from the bizarre album)

I should mention that this year, the sims donated by the Lindens are not only repurposed Linden land, but actually on Mainland. Which means PG. Does this look like a PG outfit to you?!?

She's wearing panties, straps, piercings, a chin-cupping posture collar, one stocking, and arm bracers. Oh, and stiletto boots. And pasties, because...y'know, PG rating.

(from the bizarre album; the keyring piercing)

And apparently, at some point she decided actually carrying a keyring wasn't cool anymore, so she pierced her thigh with a heavy-gauge ring to hold another heavy-gauge ring for her keys. does she unlock things, then? Does her master have to physically pick her up and poke her at doors? Is this a fetish for her?

(from the bizarre album. And yep, still a perfect outfit for Mainland)

I wholly forgot about the shoulder chains, which appear to be also pierced into her. The hell, chicklet. Do you not understand what "PG" means??

*shakes head and goes back to Hair Fair blogging*

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