Wednesday, September 2, 2015

another case of not-pants


Yeah, I gotta work on that.

So we're going to start here:

Okay, seriously. Obviously work went into these, but they take "easy access" to a whole new level. At this point, you might as well not wear pants at all, just get an extra-long pair of legwarmers.

Since I have at least one friend who's into the ultra-low-rise look of things, though, if you want 'em, they're going for L$25 on Toxic Candy's Marketplace store, linked above. (You can also get them in white, red, neon orange, hot pink, and neon green, for the same low price. And each set comes with Omega and Slink appliers, as well as system-layer leggings.)

Friday, January 9, 2015

failure pants

These are not pants. I don't know what they are, exactly, but they are not pants.

They aren't even failure pants, though they do fail on a lot of levels. Try again.

(Note: Failure pants mentioned are not actual failure pants, but instead Not-Pants. That is all.)